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Lety and her crew did an amazing job of getting my house clean and ready to sell. From the dusting to cleaning all the corners to even under the refrigerator, she made my house look sparkling clean. Thank you, Lety.

Lori Sanders, Atascadero, CA

Ms. Gomez has been employed by us in our home as a housekeeper since 2000. Ms Gomez Has been in charge of the twice-a-week routine of keeping the household clean and organized. Usually Ms. Gomez will have an assistant working under her, but she is the responsible party and oversees that every task is finished properly. The girls do all of our linens, changing the beds and all of the laundry for my husband and myself. They scrub and polish the bathrooms, dust everything in the house, take care of the house plants, wiping the base-boards regularly, keep the kitchen appliances clean inside and out, wash and put away anything from the kitchen, keep the pantry neat and orderly, vacuum and mop all of the floors, sweep the patios, regularly go through any closets and keep them tidy and organized. I can only say they do a very thorough job.


Ms Gomez is a self starter and doesn't need supervision. She has proven to be honest, so we feel comfortable to let them come and go from our house without our having to be there.

Besides her regular routine of housekeeping, there have been many occasions we have called on her and her family to help us move my parents households, or work in our yard on drainage problems, and she has come to us always willing to lend a hand. Ms. Gomez moves about the house with purpose, never wasting a moment; it's obvious to see she's dedicated and hard working. She listens and communicates well.

Ms. Gomez also assisted us this summer in organizing and setting up the all of the office for our new restaurant location. She was right there, ready to work, overseeing painting and many of the jobs and acting as a translator when we so badly needed it. I view her as a very dynamic woman who's going to succeed in her life.

Marjorie A. Johnson
Owner - Margie’s Diner, Paso Robles, CA


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